No more internet junks!

In this day and age where almost everybody has access to an internet. Marketing tools are not just limited to the conventional medias anymore, internet marketing has become so powerful that, for instance, consumer behavior has become more tangible and can be logged, viewed, and analyzed. This is like a holy grail for marketers. When you do it right, it could be an essential tool that help boost your business growth and bring new clients to your business from all over the world 24/7.

There are many kinds of platforms that we can use for internet marketing. For example, Social medias; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or blogs like WordPress, Twitter, or your own website.

Nowadays, almost everybody can easily set up his or her own site for one’s business. However, not all the sites would be successful and some sites are just staying up there and eventually have become what some group of people coined “internet junks”.

To be successful, a site must have strategy and an explicit objective. It must have the purpose of its existence. If you own a site or a page on social media platform then please pause for a moment and try to answer this question,
“What’s the purpose of your site?”.

By doing so, you might be able to drastically improving your website to do better for whatever goal you want to achieve.

I have been taking classes with Professor Stuart Atkins, a business marketing consultant, founder of and a really cool guy with lots of experience, tips, and knowledge.
During this few coming weeks, I would keep writing about internet marketing that I learn from Prof. Atkins and some tips that I have curated and learned from my own venture in digital marketing during the past few years on social media platforms and my website. I would say that this blog is going to be a kind of my personal journal.

Hopefully, will be as useful to you guys as it is to myself. Thanks for visiting and stay put!


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