Instagram 101: What, Why, How?

Instagram allows users to upload photos/videos, put on some hashtags, or even tag someone on the images/videos and post them online. Users then can scroll through and comment, share, show their like to the images/videos, or even follow the uploader account so they can see the fresh contents on their feeds. 

According to, there are 600 millions monthly active users as of December 2016 on Instagram. Thus, businesses could be missing out on lots of opportunities if they opt out of Instagram marketing with this amount of user base.

Moreover, human beings are visual learners by nature. So, I believe that Instagram could be one of the leading social media platforms out there for brand building that suited visual marketing best.

Strong social media presence for brands and businesses is inevitable nowadays, especially among the present customer generation. Your visual identity could even help customers make their final decision whether to jump the gun and buy from you or your competitors.

The potential is limitless for marketers. For example, marketers have used Instagram to increase the online presence of brands and businesses effectively. In order to gain followers and likes for credibility when the Instagram business account first started, the business would usually run a contest by posting image of the prize with a tag-line “Follow and Like for a chance to win …”.

Another effective use of Instagram would be product tying. If you have your own product, you can contact famous Instagram user with lots of followers to post their photos with your products or give their honest reviews and tag your account on their posts so people can visit your official account easily.

You can also post photos of activities that’s happening at your office, store, or etc. So people can feel closer to your brand. Don’t forget to put hashtags to drive more traffic in to your feed. Ultimately, you can use it to even drive traffic to your official site and increase your profits.

One last thing before I end this post, don’t forget to think about the objective and strategy of your Instagram account. Plan it out thoroughly, and you can definitely use it to your advantage!


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