Instagram: More Likes & Followers

I’m working as a graphic designer for a company in California. I love creative industry because it’s super dope fun! Our office has an inspiration board that everybody in the office could pin whatever we want onto the board(kind of real life Pinterest). Some are inspiring, motivating and some are making me laugh every time I look at them.

There is this one piece of square paper that looks like a definition from a dictionary. It says

“Instagram(noun): a unit of measurement used to calculate the weight of a hipster’s ego.”

I smirk every time I look at it because of how satire and true it is.

For lots of people, they are using Instagram like that. However, for businesses that are showcasing their products on Instagram, number of likes and followers could essentially mean credibility and more.

There are few tips that I have learned from trial and error which actually work for me and other people that I have discussed with and I would like to share one of them with you guys today.

Let’s start with the most important thing, your content.

I strongly believe that without relevant content, you won’t be able to gain followers most of the time. Unless you are a celebrity or famous people of some sort. XD

You may ask why? Before I give you the answer, let’s think about our thought process before we decided to follow someone on Instagram….

It’s because we want to see more similar contents from the same account popping up on our feeds every time we check our Instagram. So, the same logic goes for boosting your account’s followers. Always try to have relevant contents.

For example, I’m a photographer and I do many kinds of photography. However, I don’t randomly post everything on my feed. Some viewers who like wild animal photography wouldn’t always like architectural photography. I might gain likes on both of the photos but those people wouldn’t follow me because they don’t want to see wild animal on their architectural feed.

Now, when I created an account solely for landscape photography, it becomes easier to target particular community or group of people who like landscape photography. They know that they can expect to see more of landscape shots from me so they follow. Thus, more followers!


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