Instagram: It’s not give or take but a community!

Sorry for the hiatus, I have been pretty hectic with many stuffs going around me and let me tell you that this is not a good habit of internet marketing. Usually, we should keep our website contents updated by posting at least 2-4 times a month, said Prof. Stuart Atkins, so we could at least sustain or improve our SEO ranking. Sorry for the digress, lol. Let’s get back to our Instagram topic.

So far, the most important thing to gain followers for most of the Instagram account is relevant content. If you haven’t read my last post please check it out first at:

Instagram is a community so the more you engage with other people the more they are going to talk back to you. By engaging, I mean you could post some meaningful comments on their photos/videos or talk to the people along with liking their photos and be courteous. I always welcome and appreciate comments and positive criticism. As a designer, it’s good to hear other people thoughts about my work and sometimes I could use that to improve.

The second most important thing is #HASHTAG.

Yes, hashtag this and that could bring you likes and new followers but don’t forget to set your Instagram account as public and not private. HASHTAG works like keywords of Google Adwords. Most people on Instagram look for other posts through hashtag, so the more you have relevant hashtag on your post, the more you would gain brand awareness.

There are many free and premium websites that you can use to look for hashtags, namely

However, just make sure not to tag something irrelevant because that could create bad impression about your account. You could experiment with hashtags and after a while you would have the frequent use hashtags that work for you.

Last tip for today is timing. Have you ever wondered when is the best time to post on Instagram? I have and I have been looking for answer. I used to experiment with same photo, same hashtags but posting on a different time with different accounts. The result was as I thought, timing does have impact on number of likes. So, I have come up with a conclusion so far that posting during the time that people are commuting to work, lunch, dinner is the best. There is more chance that they will open their little devices and swipe through Instagram than the time that they might be working, studying, playing games, or doing some other activities.(*alert* this might not be true in the future since Instagram keeps updating their algorithm)

There’s also a dedicated app on iOS that could tailor the perfect timing for your account to post on an Instagram. The name is “Prime for Instagram”. Disclaimer: I’m not in anyway affiliated with this application and not getting endorsed by the creators.

Prime for Instagram utilizes some sort of interesting algorithms that could track your followers and pinpoint their activities then it would take around 20 minutes to generate a week schedule for you. You can set a reminder to post on each day at a particular time that the app will tell you. If you miss the first best timing for that day, it will give you the second best timing of the day an will tell you how many of your followers will be active during that time. Isn’t this great?

Today’s post might be a bit too long but I get excited every time I share these tips.

Stay tuned!


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