Building and Developing an Online Brand

Few days ago I did research on “The Importance of Online Marketing for Branding”. I think the findings might be useful so I would like to share it with you guys here.

According to the statistics of consumer behavior on media use by eMarketer, Inc. (Roberts, p. 118), traditional media­; radio, newspapers, and magazines, are experiencing consistent yearly declines on consumer-time spent on them. Thus, I posit that in this day and age where almost everybody has access to an internet, online marketing and branding have become the crucial factors to the success of a brand and should not be neglected.

The emergence of an internet has provided ample opportunities for brand marketers to learn about customers’ behavior that they could not do with offline media, engage with customers to build relationship and brand equity; a competitive advantage of a brand as well as financial asset, and eventually become successful on the web.

There are four main stages in brand building process (Roberts, p. 124); First, building brand awareness so that customers will be able to recognize and recall the brand. Second, familiarizing customers with some knowledge of the products, features, and services offered. Third, creating positive image of the brand by linking the brand with strong, favorable, and unique association with the brand in customers’ memory. Finally, persuading the customers to complete a transaction and established relationship with the brand.

Many famous online companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Groupon have successfully established their brand solely on an internet. However, this takes lots of time and money to build a brand online without spending much on traditional offline media. Offline brand development activities still have their own merits and perform better on creating awareness and generating familiarity (Roberts, p. 120). As a result, it would be best to integrate both online and offline marketing when building a brand.







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