Search Marketing: Techniques and Keywords

Search is a voice inside the head of the person looking for information that search engine such as Google would match and display relevant website from its indexes pertaining to the search phrases, or keywords.

Search engine like Google will crawl and scan through all the websites then index these data into its server so it will be able to match any search terms with these websites. There are techniques that we can utilize to organically optimize our website, so the search engine will rank our website as search engine friendly and keep coming back to our website for new information.

Some of the optimizing techniques are as follows; first, we should include the right keywords and phrases that match our products and business categories on our website to maximize the chance of our website to be displayed when potential customers look for our products or services. I have learned from our class that we can look for keywords by using Google AdWords’s keyword planner. We can put in some main keywords then download a list as csv file. Then, open with Microsoft Excel and sort the data by average. Now, we will have a set of keywords to start with for our site.

Next, we should reduce the page loading speed to decrease the bouncing rate, and keep page copies easy and simple to read. Also, we should keep our site regularly updated with blog posts and new contents.

These are some simple steps and techniques that you can follow. I hope that after you have read this post, you would have a general idea on how to optimize your site. When you have at least some of these on your website, search engine would definitely be happy with your site and keep your website among the list of relevant search terms!


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