Search Marketing: Paid and Organic

Paid search marketing is a marketing tool that can be used to attract searchers from search engine to a specific website or destination. Nowadays, there are many forms of paid search marketing available. One of the most widely used paid search marketing is Google AdWords. Google AdWords matched the search term or phrases of the person looking for information with some specific sites and listed these sites that are using Google AdWords on the top of the page. If a searcher clicks on these links, those websites will then pay Google per each number of clicks made.

The latest paid-search marketing service offered on FaceBook Beta is very interesting. When people search on mobile FaceBook, it will display video ad that is clickable. If a user touches on it, it will display list of products that the user can add to cart all on FaceBook interface and finish transaction on products’ official site in few simple taps.

We should utilize organic search marketing because it is the foundation of search marketing and a well structured SEO site could attract search engines. For example, with SEO, your site could show up among a wide-range of searchers looking for your products or services. Moreover, it is free and not rocket-science. If you got it right one time, it would last as a strong foundation to your site and benefit you for many years to come.

Paid search marketing is better than organic when you want to target a specific group of potential customers (direct marketing) and bring them into your site. For example, I could run a campaign specifically within Orange County, CA with Google AdWords and these advertisements will show up only to searchers from Orange County and bring them to my landing page.

Finally, people would click on search engine results page listings instead of the ads overtime (Atkins, Winning the Battle for Attention, 2015, p. 36). Therefore, it would be best to utilize both organic and paid search marketing to bring customers in to our site, drive in more traffic, and generate revenues.


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