Developing Social Media Strategy Part 1

Have you ever wondered why can’t a company just keep posting fun and interesting content everyday as a daily strategy for success?

Why even bother with developing a social media strategy?

Because without a destination, we won’t know which direction we should be heading. This is the same with Social Media. Without strategy, our daily post effort might be futile and we won’t be able to reach our maximum campaign potential.

There are 4 steps in social media strategy; (Roberts, p. 231)

  • Listen
  • Communicate
  • Engage
  • Collaborate

The first step of social media strategy is to listen.

By listening to social sites, the company will be able to identify the social habitats of its defined target market. For example, avid photographers and visual artists could be found on Pinterest,, or fashionistas can be found on sites like Vogue, Vanity fair, and Esquire.  There is also a tool like Google Alerts to help keep track of what people are talking about the company online so the company can learn about the trends and adjust accordingly. (

Without listening, the company won’t be able to know where and how should it approach its target audience.

The second step is to communicate with the audience on social sites. The online marketing landscape has changed. It’s now a place where many marketers are communicating to many audiences at the same time. As a result, the audiences don’t want to hear about the products but they want to hear about the products from other people, i.e., product reviews. Communication has to meet the needs and be able to make the audiences tick.

As you can see, without this second step of social media strategy, a hundred post of funny and interesting content wouldn’t be effective and mean nothing.


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