Developing Social Media Strategy Part 2

Previously on Part 1, I was talking about the first 2 out of 4 steps of social media strategy which are listening and communicating part of the social media strategy. How to go about each step and their importance. If you haven’t read Part 1, please visit Part 1 first.

I believe that it would give a better understanding about this topic and you guys would be able to apply this strategy with you personal social media campaign.

The third step is to engage with the audience. The best way to engage with customers is trough multiple channels not just one. For example, the company can use its own website along with its branded Facebook page and Twitter account to reinforce one another.

Successful engagement is when customers take some action as planned by marketers.  For example, a company could tweet about some products and its features then other users might retweet and share their thoughts about the products. When the family or friends of these users see the post about the products as recommended by these users, the products would gain a better credibility.

Finally, the last step is to collaborate with the audience. Collaboration between a company or brand with audiences can drive popularity, more traffic, and more chance of success to the campaign. For example, PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew challenged users on its Facebook page to come up with new Mountain Dew flavor. Mountain Dew fans collaborated both in-person and on social sites. As a result, new flavor was added to the product line and has been popular since 2007.

As I have illustrated, the takeaway from this article would be that a company will not be able to succeed by just posting funny and interesting content daily without a well-developed social media strategy.


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