MeUndies and its Social Media Strategies

By now, I hope you have a general understanding of social media strategy. If you need to brush up on the topic, please feel free to go back to the main Social Media Strategy articles. Today, I would like to share with you guys some practical social media strategy that MeUndies has utilized and is becoming a success.

MeUndies is an online retailer specialized in fashion underwear with headquarter based in Los Angeles. Their slogan is “Upgrade to the World’s Most Comfortable Underwear” and their ad copies revolve around “everyone deserves ridiculously comfortable underwear”.

MeUndies listens to social sites and found the habitats of its targeted customers. They found that their customers are usually on morning podcasts radio, music streaming sites, some bloggers feed, and Facebook. The reasons they specifically target morning podcasting station is because there is a research that suggests that majority of people tend to be happier and feeling fresh in the morning so there would be more chance for them to listen and be influenced by podcasts.

MeUndies then targeted these locations and geared its advertising towards teenagers and couples with bright, fun, energetic, active lifestyle contents, images, and copies.

The theme and vibe can be consistently seen on their marketing materials from their posters, website, social media pages, to their gigantic billboard on ‪Hollywood Blvd. in L.A.

In addition, MeUndies engaged and collaborated with audiences by hosting a FaceBook live activity on Black Friday which had driven huge amount of traffic and conversions. During the Black Friday event, MeUndies had asked users to repost and tell their friends to come and join the live party in exchange for secret discount coupon codes.

By engaging and collaborating with audiences on Black Friday through its event, you can see that MeUndies had gained more revenues, and brand awareness-trustworthiness (since friends were recommending other friends). This is like killing two birds with one stone.


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