Google and Its Impact on the Business World

Understanding the impacts that Google has made to the business world might give you some food for thought on why bother implementing internet marketing with your business.

Google has been known as a leader in search engine business for years. With its large database and teams of creative and intelligent people, Google has never stopped improving and learning. It has founded a way to satisfy people’s need with its search engine. Google reads the voice in users’ head and presents them with results that they are looking for. This has drastically transformed the way businesses work.

Traditionally, offline marketing would broadcast some messages to a whole bunch of people. Hoping to catch some of customers’ attention and get them to buy products. Let’s call this “Push”.

Currently, with the advent of internet and search engine like Google, the customers are looking for something and they come to Google to lead them to the businesses or products that they want. This is like “Pull”.

Search Engine has transformed the concept of marketing funnels from push to pull.

As a result, the earlier you realize this concept, the farther you would have a jump-start over your competitors who haven’t started to invest in online marketing. Additionally, online marketing is doing the work for you 24/7 after you have set it up properly and it can reach potential customer worldwide too.

We have learned that Google Search Engine works by guessing the voice in customer’s head and leading them to the result that they want. With this in mind, we should learn to see the need in the market and try to fill it.


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