2017 Crucial Security Tips and Plugins for WordPress

WordPress has been widely used around the world because of its ease of use and limitless content management system (CMS) potential. However, because of its popularity, there are also lots of bad people out there that are trying to gain access or hack your WordPress site.

Here are some few tips to optimize your WordPress site for security.

First, let’s begin with password. It’s a good habit to change your password every now and then. Your password, especially for WordPress, shouldn’t be used elsewhere. It should be unique, best if unintelligible (no pun-intended). Also, it should have some dollar sign, asterisk* and be alphanumerical to make it even harder for hackers to get in to your site.

Now that you have a killer password, we should always try to keep our WordPress site up to date. There are three components on WordPress site that should be updated.

First is the core update. This usually happens 2-4 times a year. Tip: It would be best to do a core update during minimal traffic time. The second component is your theme and the last one is your plug-ins. Try to keep these three components up to date to minimize the possibilities of getting hacked.

The next thing that you can do is to install some plug-in to protect your site from all kind of bad guys. I would recommend WordFence for starter. WordFence is among the top plug in that a lot of people are using to protect their sites from malicious activities. Akismet Anti-Spam is also a good choice for protecting your site from spams.

By now, you should have a killer password and well secured site. Let’s take it another step higher. Back up your site as often as possible. When chaos strikes, you would always have a back up to restore from. There are many back up assistant and manager plug ins out there. Personally, I recommend BackupBuddy.


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