Blogging & SEO

Blogging is a powerful SEO tool that would definitely pay its dividends after you have invested your time integrating it on to your website. I can’t stress enough how important the blog is to your organic SEO. The blog should be part of your website and not separated because separating it would mean you will be fighting with your own site in terms of traffic.

There are many platforms that you can use for blogging but the most widely and simple to use would be WordPress. It comes with many free plugins that you can install to charge you blog with many new features too.

Google and other search engine crawl through text not images and videos. So, with good and strong contents in your blog posts, you would be able to drive in more viewers to your site. A good blog post is usually around 300-500 words in length and each post should have a clear topic, focus, and an interesting take-away for readers.

In addition, you can make your post and blogs more interesting by attaching images or videos into your posts. It would help you the most when readers share your post to social media platforms. Imagine two posts with similar quality contents but the difference is one post has an interesting header image and one with no image at all. The one with plain text or the one with colorful header image would draw more attention and traffic?Obviously, the latter.

There is an SEO plug-in called “Yoast SEO” for WordPress that I think you should try. Yoast SEO has many features that will help you make sure that your post is SEO friendly and optimized to its maximum potential. For example, Yoast SEO gives you recommendation about your writing style; too difficult to read, too simple, and how to improve it. Yoast SEO would also let you rewrite the snippet (think of it as an executive summary) of your post.

Great blog needs great to good contents and great to good contents take time and energy. It might be difficult to write at first, but after you get the hang of it, you will be able to write and deliver interesting contents that will eventually drive in more traffic to  your site!


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